Story about us

Manufacturing industry innovators

Our mission is to bring technology to every aspect of every industry

SORS is a Serbian software development company headquartered in Pirot, Serbia.

We offer high quality of service and with thorough and professional approach, we'll help you achieve your goals and bring your ideas to life.

Our team is highly skilled and competent, with vast knowledge across different industries and domains.

We work agile, with up to date technology and provide software solutions for all platforms, desktop, web and mobile.

Domain oriented

We tailor the software so it suits your specific domain. Our job is to understand client needs.

Web applications

We push all data away from clients, so it is safely stored and secured within our systems.


All our solutions are fully supported and maintained by our team.

Our domain knowledge

We have experience in wide spectrum of manufacturing domains, from machine low level to reporting high level software

Stock management

As one of the most important parts of production control stock management is part of some other modules and gives them core information that are used for other decisions, such as production scheduling.


Traceability system is a core of any modern production process. Module enables to track and trace goods from the supplier that sent the raw material through delivery to the customer, and all production processes and stages in between. This means that you know which supplier lots and serial numbers were used in which finished products, and who received those finished products.

Quality management

Module that represents detailed classification and separation of products based on their quality characteristics, product repair and correction, tracking of products’ quality states, and management of quality parameters, values and attributes.


Module that represents creating of detailed reports from collected data for certain criteria (chosen parameters, period of time, data related to some user, etc.) with possibility of data searching, filtering, generating charts and graphs, printing, and exporting to the desired file format (mostly: Excel and Pdf).

Request management

Module that collects, manages and maintains lists off all clients’ requests. It handles service requests, incidents, problems and change requests. Each request is categorized and gets a priority level assigned to it. Clients are notified for each important update of the request and can easily track its progress.

Machine communication

Module enables production process automation. Through the user friendly interface we can upgrade your process to the next level. Measuring machine parameters, atomizing machine operations, you’ll be able to guarantee good product - good post functionality inside your production process.

Recent projects

Here are some projects developed by our team


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